Q: What is a Digital Stamp? ............


Digital Stamps can also be called a Digi, Printable, Digistamp, Clipart.

A digital stamp is the same as a clear or rubber stamp image but instead of buying a physical stamp that you ink by hand with an inkpad, you will receive a digital file that you download onto your computer or device.

Simply download it, save and print it with your home printer! 

The difference between a physical stamp and a digital one ?

Is mainly a matter of priorities and personal taste! Most crafters who love using Digis will also buy physical stamps too, but they know the huge benefits of working digitally:

  • With a digital stamp when you buy it, usually depending on the Company you will get your download link after checking out, all you do is Click the link then just save it to your computer/device you can be printing in matter of minutes so un like physical stamps you will be waiting days for it to arrive! So this is a HUGE advantage especially if you're in a rush and need to make a super fast card!
  • Price - Digital stamps are a lot cheap to buy! This is because we don't have materials to pay for and no shipping –Storage is another bonus to digital images.
  • Now you have the actual image file saved - you can print it whenever, however many prints you wish! and you will have it forever.
  • You can resize...! This is a HUGE bonus as you are not restricted by size like with a physical stamp - you can easily resize the image in your printer settings or if an editing program to manipulate your image.
  • Printers and quality.... you can print on any type of paper that suits your preferred crafting media as long as your printer is capable of printing on it.
  • Colouring In - If you want to colour your image please note that ALCOHOL MARKERS are compatible with an inkjet printer but if you use a laser printer an alcohol marker will smudge the toner powder.



YOU MAY NOT: COPY, SHARE, GIVE, SELL, DISTRIBUTE OR REPRODUCE your digital stamp in any way with any other person or company under any circumstances, even a member of the same family. If you share your digis with your daughter, mum, friend, you are officially breaking copyright, just as we all know we are not allowed to share music or tape from the radio.

Please read the 'TERMS OF USE HERE' as you are agreeing to abide by them when you purchase.

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